Elasmo-key.org is a non-profit project, which intends to help interested people identifying species of cartilaginous fish, i.e. sharks, rays and chimaeras. We aim to provide an easy-to-use identification tool, which is not based on the regular dichotomic identification keys, but allows users to describe their specimen of interest with multiple character choices, leading to the exclusion of possible identifications resulting in a single species assignation.

A goal of Elasmokey.org is an updated identification tool reviewed by taxonomic experts. The project is supported by the German Elasmobranch Society (DEG, www.elasmo.de) and is a subproject of our bibliographic database, www.shark-references.com.

Fins up,

Jürgen & Nico


Scientific contributors:




edited family/genus


Dr. Simon Weigmann

Elasmo-Lab, Elasmobranch Research Laboratory, Lüneburg, Germany, email

Pseudotriakidae, Pristiophoridae, Bythaelurus

in preparation

Dr. Matthias Stehmann

Ichthyological Research Laboratory and Consultant, Hamburg, Germany email


in preparation

Dr. Nicolas Straube

Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, Ichtyology, Munich, email


in progress

Jürgen Pollerspöck

www.shark-references.com, Stephansposching, Germany, email

Oxynotidae, Sphyrnidae, Pristiophoridae,

in progress

Kazuhiro Nakaya